1. Who can participate?

Students of all State universities under the responsibility of the Munich Student Union can participate.


2. I am an international student and I don't speak German yet. Can I still participate?

The project addresses German as well as international students with at least basic German language skills. It aims at improving the students communication skills in that language. Nevertheless, communication along the program can be effected in English as well if necessary. Besides, the Munich Student Union supports financially the attendance at German language courses of the University of Munich for participants of "Come to Munich - be at home".


3. How can I registrate?

There is a registration form available here.


4. Which events are mandatory?

You are obliged to participate in both workshops of your respective group (A or B). Besides, you are obliged to participate in three cultural events which you can choose from a broad offer.
So you have to participate in five events: workshop (2x) and cultural event (3x).
Furthermore, you will have to held an oral presentation during the second workshop and hand out a learning diary. Details available here.


5. May I participate in more than three cultural events?

Principally, the event program is designed in a way that each student can participate in three cultural events. Nevertheless, it happens that there is a free space. If this is the case you are free to participate although you are registered for three other events. In any case, please contact the project coordinator and participate only in events which have been confirmed by the project coordinator.


6. I am not at Munich right now and until the registration deadline. Can I still participate?

If you are not in town during the registration period, you can also authorize a friend to registrate and pay the deposit on your behalf. If this is the case, please contact us in advance so we can inform you about the content of the registration form and the free spaces available in the cultural events.


7. Am I obliged to partipate after completing the registration?

Yes, after completing your registration, you are obliged to participate. To guarantee this we reserve the right to withheld the deposit if you don't participate in the events without a comprehensible reason (sickness/injury, unforseeable lecture, funeral etc.).


8. When do I get information about the exact place and time of the events?

The project coordinator usually informs the participants 1 or 2 days in advance about the exact meeting place and time and the presumably duration of the event. Besides, you will get tips about special clothing, things you have to take with you etc. If you registered for an event and did not get an email until the day of the event, please contact the project coordinator under interkulturelles@stwm.de.


9. I am sick or injured or have an urgent appointment at the day of an event.

In this case, please inform instantly the project coordinator using the contact dates provided in the mail linked to this special event (usually email address and/or mobile phone number).


10. I was not able to participate in an event.

If you were sick or injured this is no problem. Just send us or bring us a medical certificate. Nevertheless, you will have to participate in another event. Maybe there is a free space in the current semester. If not, you will have to catch up on what you missed in the following semester. If it is urgent, you can get an extra task instead provided by the workshop coordinator (urgent cases are e.g.: return home of Internationals, graduation). If you only missed parts of an event we will find a solution individually.

Please note: The participation in the two workshops of your group is obligative and it can't be replaced by another cultural event. Whoever misses a workshop, unfortunately can't participate anymore and can't get ECTS-points and/or the certificate. The workshops are obligative as they aim at sensitizing the students for intercultural reflection.


11. When do I get the certificate and the deposit back?

The workshop coordinators assess your intercultural performance after the second workshop. Then, the project coordinator issues the certificates. Usually, you can get them back at the end of the semester or the beginning of the following semester. You can come to our Cultural Office to get them together with your deposit. You will receive an email about this.


12. How does the crediting work for TUM students?

The workhop coordinators assess your intercultural performance after the second workshop. As soon as the marks are transferred to the project coordinator, we contact the Carl von Linde-Akademie and the Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS). They will insert your marks in the respective examination system. You don't have to register for the exam at the Carl von Linde-Akademie on your own.


Please note: This FAQ page serves as a guideline and can not be used as a reference in a special case. Please contact us if you are not sure about your case and send us an email (interkulturelles@stwm.de) or visit the Culture Bureau of the Munich Student Union.