The Goldene Weißwurscht (The Golden White Sausage)

What is die Goldene Weißwurscht (the Golden White Sausage)?

Die Goldene Weißwurscht has been awarded annually during the StuStaCulum fesival since 1996. The gold plated sausage is endowed with a total of €3,000 and has proven itself to be an important factor in the career of a young cabaretist on several occasions. 1997 winner Jess Jochimsen has appeared many times at the Munich Lach- und Schießgesellschaft (a comedy/cabaret club), on the ARD cabaret classic show 'Scheibenwischer' and in the Lustspielhaus Munich (a theatre). Since winning in 2001, Martina Schwarzmann has claimed many other prizes, including the German Cabaret Prize and the Audience Award at the Passau Scharfrichterbeils (a theatre, cabaret and comedy festival). Claus von Wanger (, one of the finalists in 2002, is a member of the 'Erstes Deutsche Zwangensemble', which was awarded the Deutsher Kleinkunstpreis (German Cabaret Prize) in 2010. Other well known winners are Nepo Fitz and Bumillo with his trio "PauL - Poetry thanks to passion".

What do I have to do in order to win the Sausage?

First, you have to send a completed application form and a tape of your current act to the Culture Bureau. The deadline for applications is around the middle of March each year. The application form is available at the German version of this site.

Once the deadline has past, we make a preliminary selection of four applicants. At a cabaret evening during the StuStaCulum Theatre and Music Festival, these cabaratists will have the chance to win the favour of audience and jury. The jury makes its decision on the same evening, and the winner and runner up receive prizes of €2000 and €1000, respectively.

Julia Andres in our Culture Bureau can help you with any questions you might have. 

Die Goldene Weißwurscht

Award for Music, cabaret, comedy, song and text...

always in the summer semester during the StuStaCulum music and theatre festival in the student village.

For application and conditions please read the German version of this website. Thanks.

Die Goldene Weißwurscht 2009

1st Prize: First Ladies (€1.500)
Act: "rich&sexy – in 20 minutes"

2nd Prize: Michael Dietmayr (€700)
Act: "Heart in the south"

The jury was made up of:

  • Gabriele Englet, Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Broadcastin) / conversation - word
  • Michael Zirnstein, Süddeutsche Zeitung (Munich broadsheet)
  • Josef Fischer and Evi Schulz, Olympic Centre Students Association
  • Fabian Eckl and Magdalena Brunner, Culture in the Student Village Association
  • Elisabeth Ebentheuer and Caroline Otto, Munich Student Union Culture Bureau 

Die Goldene Weißwurscht 2008

Nepo Fitz wins the 2008 fringe theatre prize


Multi-talented entertainer bursting with energy

When StuStaCulum's celebrates it's birthday, the 'Goldene Weißwurscht' doesn't get over shadowed. Befitting of it's status, the 11th grand final of the prestigious Munich Student Union and Culture in the Student Village Association award took place on Saturday 24th of May 2008 in a packed Hans-Scholl-Hall. The jury, made up of representives from the Munich culture and media scenes, met with the following decision:Die Preise im Gesamtwert von 2.200 Euro gingen an:

1st Prize: Nepo Fitz (€1.500)
Act: 'Boytown – How do I become a man?'

2nd Prize: Duo Sellarie (€700)
Act: Franconian Chansons“

The jury was made up of:

  • Gabriele Englet, Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Broadcasting / conversation-word
  • Katrin Hildebrand, tz (Munich broadsheet)
  • Till Hofmann, Munich Lach+Schießgesellschaft (comedy/cabaret club) and Lustspielhaus (theatre)
  • Angelika Schall, student representative at the Munich Technical University
  • Fabian Eckl, Norbert Kluy and Michaela Mertens, Culture in the Student Village Association
  • Elisabeth Ebentheuer and Caroline Otto, Munich Student Union Culture Bureau 

The jury found that:

Nepo Fitz stands out because he is extremely musical, has enourmous acting talent and is a real presence on the stage. He interweaves music and word at high tempo. His roll play is particularly convincing. Nepo Fitz impresses as a multi-talented entertainer.

With passion and fantasy, Duo Sellarie defy the established expectations of cabaret with their original song lyrics, fresh musical sounds and minimalistuc choreography.

Other contestants in the final were:

Stephan Zinner combines music, theatre and cabaret into a portrayal of life, death and other unavoidable things in his first solo act 'Zinner dances - get up and lie down'. Bizarre, Bavarian and bad!

Christoph Weiherer show 'Wia Nix' serves up a dose of Bavarian homeland songs, delivered with sparing geatures and mimic, but a whole load of bone dry humour. Colourful, spontaneous and varied! eine Show voller Heimatlieder aus dem prallen Leben, vorgetragen mit sparsamer Mimik und Gestik, jedoch mit einer großen Portion staubtrockenem Humor. Bunt, spontan und abwechslungs­reich!

Die 'Goldene Weißwurscht' was first awarded in 1997 as part of the StuStaCulum music and theatre festival. It has since then proven itself to be a valuable stepping stone on the road to a professional career. Weißwurscht winner Jess Jochimsen (1997) has appeared many times at the Munich Lach- und Schießgesellschaft (comedy/cabaret club), on the classic ARD 'Scheibenwischer' cabaret show, as well as at the Lustspielhaus and other renouned theatres. Since winning the Weißwurscht in 2001, Martina Schwarzmann has gone on to win numerous other prizes (including the Bielefelder Cabaret Award). The TV comedian Michael Mittermeier and Germany's cabaret newcomer number 1 Claus von Wagner (winner of the German Cabaret Prize 2006) also had their first experiences of entertaining a large audience here.