How do I apply?

Important information for international students participating in an exchange program (like ERASMUS):
The Munich Student Union/Studentenwerk München gives a certain number of rooms to your establishment. This is why students participating in an exchange program (like ERASMUS) can unfortunately not apply for accomodation in a hall's of residence online. Thank you for addressing your need to your establishment.

Students wishing to apply for a room in a Munich Student Union hall of residence are required to fulfil certain eligibility criteria (see online application).

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Eligibility criteria

The allocation of a room in a Munich Student hall of residence represents indirect government funding. In comparison to the total number of apartment-seeking students, only a small number of rooms are available. The following application and registration requirements aim to ensure the fairest possible distribution of government-subsidised accommodation. By submitting their application for a space in a residency run by the Munich Student Union, students agree to the following terms and conditions.

1. Application eligibility criteria

Proof of acceptance to or matriculation at a university within the jurisdiction of the Munich students Union must be provided by the 14th of May for applications for accommodation during the summer semester and by the 14th of November for accommodation during the winter semester. This means that students can place themselves on the waiting list before they receive their matriculation certificate (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung, IB). However, this application will be deleted if the matriculation certificate is not provided by the above dates. Before being permitted to move into the room they have been allocated, succesful applicants must present their letter of acceptance or matriculation certificate upon signing the rental contract. Students over 30 years of age are not eligible to apply. Students whose parents live within the commuting zone linked to the city by the Munich public transport network (MVV) are not eligible to apply. Students which already signed a contract  or are intendet to sign a contract with the service package or an exchange programm from the munich universities are not eligible to apply, either.

2. In General

In general you can apply online.

You can apply to the following conditions:

Please consider that an offer made by the Student Services (Studentenwerk München) is binding. This means, if you don't accept the offer your application expires. You have the possibility to apply again but the waiting time of your first application will NOT be taken into account then.

3. Cases of Hardship

Students with health problems or those who find themselves in difficult social situations can apply for preferential treatment in the allocation of accommodation in a residential complex. The following reasons may qualify an applicant as a hardship case: illness, disability and pregnancy. Single parent students also have presidency.

Please make your application, including all the necessary documents (such as written confirmation of illness, disability or pregnancy from your doctor) to:

.Financial problems cannot be taken into consideration.

4. Waiting Periods

Waiting periods may take up to 1-4 semesters depending on the residential complex. Your waiting period may be decreased due to extending the duration of your stay, renovation, construction, etc. Therefore, the time given offers no guarantee of availability.
In general, the Student Union applies a waiting list for its allocations. In order to prevent issues, some exceptions may have to be made”.

5. Renewing an Application

In order to update the waiting list, it is necessary for every applicant to renew his or her application every semester by submitting a valid certificate of matriculation. The certificate should be uploaded. If you have questions please contact The closing dates for this renewal are: the 14th of november for the winter semester/term, the 14th of may for the summer term/semester.

6. Expiration of an Application

An application expires if wrong information was provided. It also expires if matriculation or registration materials were not submitted on time (i.e. application renewal). Furthermore, it expires if the offered residence is not taken within the allotted time.

7. Offering Residences

The offer of residences under Student Services (Studentenwerk München) is posted 4-8 weeks before the start of a contract. The return consignment of a signed direct debit authorization qualifies as an acceptance into the residence. The rental agreement will be signed not later than at the hand-over of keys.

8. Duration of Stay

Lease contracts are finalized as short-term for six semesters (Bachelor students) or four semesters (Master students). In exceptional cases a prolongation is possible.

9. Rent Deposit

The rent deposit (Kaution) is normally between 100 and 400 EUR.

10. Taking Effect

These application and registration requirements came into effect on 13.03.2015. The requirements from 01.02.2008 are therefore no longer valid.