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  • Culture

    The Munich Student Union and the DOK.fest present: the documentary, “All these sleepless nights”, on the 4th May 2017 at 9:30 pm in the Kino City 1, followed by a party at the Cord Club.

  • Culture

    Die erfolgreiche Münchner Reggaeband "JAMARAM" hat am 24.03.2017 eine neue Platte rausgebracht und stellt sie gleich auf ihrer Tour vor. Die Tourdaten in Bayern und eine Verlosung des neuen Albums findet ihr hier in dieser News. Anklicken!

  • Internationales

    „Come to Munich – be at home“ offers students the opportunity to take part in a free project with international and German students. By learning and working together, participants can train their intercultural understanding - in theory and in…

  • Hochschulgastronomie

    As of the 1st February, the Leopoldstraße Canteen’s dining area will be made available as a place to study from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

  • Allgemeine News

    The summer semester 2017 will come with a moderate increase to the price of the Semester-Ticket. The solidarity fee will now be raised to 66.50 Euro, with the full ticket becoming available for 193 Euro. More information in this article.

  • Allgemeine News

    An exclusive Canteen-Dinner for up to four people! That is the main prize of our online survey! The Student Union's satisfaction survey covers aspects of university catering, student housing and the office for educational support.

servus im April

  • natürlich & gesund: unser Semesterthema im aktuellen Kulturprogramm
  • Verlosung zur Langen Nacht der Musik
  • Fit durchs Semester: Aktionswoche in den Mensen

Interesting and Relevant

Information on the Semester-Ticket

As of the summer semester 2017, the price of the Semester-Ticket (IsarCard Semester) has risen to 193 Euro. Additionally, the solidarity contribution has been increased to 66,50 Euro.

After these changes, the total price of the Semester-Ticket for the entire MVV-tariff zone in the year 2017 amounts to 259,50 Euro per half-year. Thus, the monthly cost of a Semester-Ticket lie at roughly 43,25 Euro. All previous conditions such as the duration of validity etc. remain unchanged.

More information on the Semester-Ticket can be found here.

The Student Union’s Duties

The Munich Student Union is responsible for financial, social, cultural and health support of all students enrolled in the universities of its care. Furthermore, it fulfils the task of contributing to the advancement of international relations.

All student unions in Germany offer their support to a network consisting of several universities and university sites. Bavarian student union regulations make the Munich Student Union responsible for a total of 13 universities with over 125.00 students, operating at four locations in and around a 40km radius of Munich.

More information can be found here.

  • Studieren mit Kind

    Our daycare centres are still in need of child care workers and assistants. Please refer to our announcements under “open positions”. This menu item can be found via: About the student union/career/open positions (see below).

  • Hochschulgastronomie

    More time to eat, read, work, and chat with fellow students - the extended opening hours of many StuCafés and canteens make it possible!

  • Hochschulgastronomie

    Many students spend a large amount of their time studying and preparing in university facilities. For when hunger strikes and the StuCafé or canteen is closed, the Student Union has set up numerous vending machine stations.

  • Informationen

    Are you in a rut with your professor(s), friends or housemates? The “Nightline Munich” is there for students to talk about their problems. Telephones are manned by student volunteers who are ready to lend and ear to your troubles.

Munich Student Union customer satisfaction survey

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